"Texas lowers barrier for food stamps, but many still won’t qualify" photographed for The Texas Tribune

"How a Trainload of Toxic Chemicals Derailed Everyday Life in Ohio" photographed and written for EcoWatch

"Cleaning up coal" photographed, written and designed for Southeast Ohio Magazine

"Fueling the Fire" photographed for The Post Athens

Mirage’A Lamb, a sophomore Urban Scholar, photographed for OHIO Today

Inside election day section cover photographed for The Post Athens

Inside story spread photographed, written and designed for The Post Athens

The Sunday sports cover story photographed for The Columbus Dispatch

"Spring break on the Appalachian Trail" photographed, written and designed for OHIO News

"How fish turn to dragons"  photographed and written for Backdrop Magazine

Spread of my cover story written, photographed and designed for Backdrop Magazine

One-day feature story written and photographed for the Cincinnati Enquirer

The front page story photographed for the Cincinnati Enquirer

Weekend cover photographed for the Cincinnati Enquirer

Photo essay and in-depth article published in Ecowatch

Portrait series and article published in The Post

Photo story published in America Reimagined

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