Täglicher Luxus

Täglicher Luxus (Everyday Luxury) is a short documentary about the idea of luxury based on the theme of Lucerne, Switzerland's grand hotels. 

This documentary was produced in three days by Sari Gassmann, Kritika Kushwaha, Michelle Zanatta and Joe Timmerman during the weeklong Visual Discovery Conference 2022 at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lucerne, Switzerland. 

The Visual Discovery Conference is "a student-centered gathering of renowned design schools from around the world... In workshops on various topics, international teams work on infographic designs for several days and discuss and present them to each other in a big presentation at the final day." 

At the end of our in-person presentation of this project, we distributed the postcards found below with Sari's illustration that we animated at the end of our video. The postcards include a QR code which leads to our video on on Vimeo. 





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