Currently, I am based in Loveland, Ohio, where I am living while school is online. 

Growing up in Southwest Ohio with deep woods and a running river just beyond my backyard, the outdoors feels like home, but I have never been far from the city lights downtown. Reading books and watching movies in my hundred year old house helped create a sense of nostalgia that first got me into writing, then soon after made me want to start photographing.

Now I study visual communication and journalism at Ohio University as I constantly practice storytelling using photography, writing, and video. I often find myself experimenting with drawings and design to help create stories that feel like I'm still there. 

In the projects I make, I hope to share a sense of community, intimacy and beauty in people or things that can be overlooked. My goal as a photojournalist is to learn how to create stories that will shine a light into someone's life. 

I  am available for assignment.

call 513-340-0134 or email

(portrait by Omar)

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