About Me,

I study photojournalism and journalism at Ohio University where I am constantly practicing my craft of visual storytelling using photography, writing, video, and experimenting with drawings and design. I enjoy finding and creating inspiration in others, being on the move, as well as hearing and telling stories.

I found an interest in photography during my sophomore year in high school, where I began learning to use 35mm film and practicing print techniques. This led to a digital photography class where I used my iPhone and other mixed medias to work on projects I was becoming proud of. Over the next year of my life, I refound my interest for reading and writing that had seemed to fade away from for a few years. 

With the help and guidance of a few mentors and my parents, I continued to find a love deep love for storytelling through reading others work, writing my own thoughts on paper, and photographing the world that I saw and felt. In the summer of 2018, I went abroad to Europe with a group from high school. This trip was the first time I had truly felt on my own and was the first time I had made one of my lifelong dreams a reality.

After that summer, I decided that I would dedicate myself to following my passion, always work towards making my goals a reality, and helping others along the way. 

portrait by Omar Atwan


I  am available for assignment. Contact me here

I am studying at Ohio University for a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Visual Communications with a major in Photojournalism. 


I am based in Loveland, Ohio, where I am living now while school is online. 

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