Growing up in Southwest Ohio with deep woods and a running river just beyond my backyard, I find home in the outdoors, but the colorful city lights a short drive south of my hometown have always drawn me to look closer. Exploring the pages of books and watching movies in my hundred and something year old house helped create a sense of nostalgia that first led me to write stories, then soon after allowed photography to feel natural.

Now, I study visual communication and journalism at Ohio University as I constantly practice storytelling using photography, writing, and video. I often find myself experimenting with drawings and design to help create stories that feel like I'm still there. 

In the projects I make, I hope to share a sense of community, intimacy and journey in people or things that can seem overlooked. My goal as a photojournalist is to learn how to create stories that will share the honesty of real life.

Currently, I am based in Loveland, Ohio, where I am working on projects while school is online. In my free time, I love to spend time with family, explore on my dad's bike or in my hiking boots, and listen to music on long drives.

I  am available for assignment.

please feel free to call 513-340-0134 or email  to start a conversation or ask a question

(portrait by Omar)

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