In my photo editing work, I look for opportunities to share meaningful stories created by people that inspire me.

NPPAOU: From Home, was my idea towards the end of 2020 to uplift the storytelling images that Ohio University photojournalism students were working hard to make while at home due to the pandemic. I collaboratively edited and produced a printed zine that allowed our images and words to go beyond the zoom squares we would see each other on each week and ultimately document the collective story of a historic year we each spent from our homes in a lasting, physical form.

In April 2021, I began curating and editing for the @EverydayRuralAmerica Instagram account, along with founder, Nicole Craine, and co-curator Jacob Moscovitch. As a curator, I reach out to photographers and share work that reflects the vastly unique rural areas, and fascinating people within them, across the United States. Here is a highlight of posts I have curated and shared on the account so far. 

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